Access your data, anytime, anywhere.

Smart data monitoring.

environetâ„¢ is a fully-hosted, web-based application that enables end users to perform real-time monitoring and historical analysis of captured data, as well as, to collaborate with peers in an intuitive web-based environment.

Environet provides end users access to their data anytime, anywhere enabling real-time environmental monitoring, data analytics, and collaboration.

Access and manage all your devices utilizing built-in GPS that enables any user to identify which devices are reporting, when and how often.

Users can customize their interface for a complete overview of their entire ecosystem, within seconds.

environetâ„¢ is also available on your tablet and mobile.

The Environet Console makes data truly available on the go, without any loss of features or functionality, while maintaining an outstanding UI/UX.

Featured Higlights


Add a sensor

Device Configuration

Device Management

Built-in Functionality


Pin and bookmark priority devices and create widgets based on your needs, optimizing your time.


Monitor efficiently by bookmarking, pinning and customizing the data you see on the dashboard.


Configure your devices to your specific monitoring needs, like enabling wi-fi and alerts, managing GPS options, and creating statistical parameter analytics.


Create customized alerts for the information you want to receive in real-time and never miss an emergency again.


Built-in gps allows you to access the precise location of each device so you can manage your inventory better.


Consultants can provide as many clients & partners access to the device as desired to view the data with you.


Maintain ownership while also allowing clients and partners to access and manage the data with you.


Assign users to organizations to see the data and receive alerts with varying degrees of access and control over the data.


Create a network of clients & partners to share and lease devices.


Open APIs allow for simple integration with 3rd party devices so that you can have access to your entire ecosystems of instruments.