Remote monitoring...
made EASY

Enabling any environmental sensor to become part of the Internet-of-Things (IoT).

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Enabling any water quality
sensor to become part of IoT.

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Enabling any air quality
sensor to become part of IoT.

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Enabling any
weather instrument
to become part of IoT.

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A single solution for all your environmental monitoring needs - air, water, weather.

Paired with environmental instrumentation, the Envirothinx solution provides remote monitoring and data reporting capabilities that until a few years ago were complicated, unreliable and expensive. The platform has become a staple service that our customers ask for by name.

Dave Stiles, Vice President of Operations, Eco-Rental Solutions

Envirothinx is one of our most valuable partners. Their IoT platform allowed us to develop an environmental monitoring service that revolutionized our rental equipment market.

Roger Pinheiro, CEO, Pine Environmental

Air Quality

Measure air quality in real-time.

Continuously monitor pollution to ensure the air quality stability essential for occupational health & safety compliance, productivity and wellness.

Water Quality

Consistently deliver clean, reliable water supplies.

Access essential water quality data, identify trends, emerging problems, and sources of pollution to optimize pollution control efforts, and respond to emergencies such as floods and spills.

Weather Quality

Monitor as many weather parameters as you need.

Monitor weather conditions, surface visibility, precipitation, temperature, humidity and wind in real-time.

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